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Lenfest Media Group is a leading consumer products company and direct response television marketer experienced at launching successful retail brands. Our successful As Seen On TV and retail brands include Hover Cover™, Multi-Cut®, Hurriclean™, Clever Cutter®; Press2Paste™, Roto Clipper®, Get Up And Go Cane™, Furniture Feet™, Kitty Shack™, Wobble Wag Giggle™, Juggle Bubbles®, Luma Smile™, Catch Caddy™, My Fun Fish™, My Spy Birdhouse®, Ruggies®, Cat’s Meow®, Zoomies®, Wraptastic®, GoJo® Handsfree, and more. Lenfest Media Group works at lightning speeds to launch consumer products into retail with direct response television marketing. From concept, product development, market research, manufacturing, production, media buying, fulfillment and through to retail distribution. We do it ALL and we do it FAST!

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 Our Product Criteria

We search for new products that have the potential to become a simple solution to an everyday problem.
The odds of having a successful DRTV product campaign are maximized when a product has the following attributes:
  • MASS MARKET – The product should appeal to the majority of TV buyers
  • UNIQUE – Most people would view the product as new and different
  • SOLVES A PROBLEM – The product solves a problem (preferably an everyday problem)
  • PRICED RIGHT – The product should be able to be priced at $19.99 with fully landed cost of goods under 20% of retail price (5x markup)
  • DEMONSTRABLE – The product can be demonstrated and the viewer can understand what it does in seconds.
  • CREDIBLE – Most people must believe it works as advertised.

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  • Lenfest Media Group is actively seeking new products.
  • We eliminate both execution risk and financial risk for our partners.